Colombia – 2016 – 18’42’’ – Color -spanish – english subtitles

Dirección / Direction: Daniel Alberto Sánchez Rodríguez
Producción / Production: Jhonny Gamez
Guion / Screenplay: Adalia González, Laura Ángel
Fotografía / Cinematography: Juan Pablo Rozo G.
Dirección de Arte / Art Direction: Tatiana Ranjel
Montaje / Editing: Juan Manuel Salazar
Sonido / Sound: Nicolás Puerto Torres
Reparto / Cast: Giovanni Cardozo, Lucía Orozco, Lina Barinas, Esteban Carvajal, Andrés Murillo


Daniel Alberto Sánchez Rodríguez

He was born in Bogota, Colombia. Before finishing high school, he found a passion for images and cinema, reason that lead him in 2010 to study Audiovisual Media, with an emphasis on film direction and production in the Politecnico Grancolombiano. He studied one semester in Chile, in the Escuela de Cine de la Universidad Mayor, where he participated as a sound director and editor of the short film ‘Finito’. After that, he came back to Colombia to finish his studies, and during that time he wrote and directed the short film ‘Gallo’


Maicol, Anyi, Jackson, Leidi, David and Rafael are a group of neighborhood friends unhappy with their lives and environment. Together they decide to fix an abandoned car to escape from the neighborhood. This faces them with the beginning of their growing up experiences that will converge in one common aim.