A glance: habitants and visitors

Project in development for the second edition of the Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival 2018

With the objective of creating a greater aperture to the national cinematographic space and promoting culture within the Mexico City, Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival organized by the Universidad de la Comunicación invited the community of the Delegación Cuauhtémoc to participate in the contest “Stories of a Place” in which the inhabitants of this delegation will share and express through a narrative that will be videotaped with personal or community stories that will be presented within the festival with the intention of preserving in video, some of the memories of our city.

The vision and perception of the inhabitants-visitors of one of the most diverse delegations of the city; 33 colonies that includes the demarcation of the heart of Mexico City. The historical center, the urban landscapes, the histories of life and tradition, the customs and the contrasts. The organization of the neighbors and families that give life to the colonies of the Cuauhtémoc delegation. Stories where the characters are determined by their surroundings, and the environment that in turn becomes the protagonist character of what evokes in their streets, their constructions and daily dynamics. Between the nostalgia of the pre-Hispanic past and the modern buildings.

Work objects:


-Three looks of visionary directors with international recognition that will be invited to tour the city. The delegación Cuauhtémoc will be the principal point of reflection for the directors to freely choose a subject to film and then each one will have to make a medium length film with their own vision, later to unite the three films and to form an urban feature film with the atmosphere of the city of Mexico. (Two international directors and one national director)

The world premiere will be in the Black Canvas 2018, second edition

-Projection at international film festivals.


– Filming of video chronicles, stories narrated by the neighbors of the delegación Cuauhtémoc, stories that have left a mark of some of the 33 colonies, life stories that formed a record of the community.