Paila / Fuck It

Paila / Fuck It

Colombia – 2016 – 25’00’’ – Color – Español – Subtítulos en inglés

Dirección / Direction: Duván Duque
Producción / Production: Martín Rocha, Duván Duque, Estudio El Cajón
Fotografía / Cinematography: Camilo Constaín, Rodrigo García, Moisés Guindi
Dirección de Arte / Art Direction: Paola Marti, Alejandra Arias
Montaje / Editing: Duván Duque
Sonido / Sound: Daniel Castilla
Reparto / Cast: Carlos Carvajal, Ana María Cuellar, Luna Baxter, Miguel González, Paula Edwards


Duván Duque

After studying film and humanities in Spain, Duván directed the short documentary film ‘Tumaco’ (National FICME Award, Official Selection Festiver, Cine Corto Popayán, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Official Selection Panorama Bogoshorts), and ‘Paila’, his first fiction short film. Currently, he is developing the feature film ‘El Ultimo Dia’ and producing ‘Yoga’, his second fiction short film.


Blaming the prejudices of the high social Bogota class for the failure of his relationship with Camila, Carlos, a young director, searches for a different type of woman on a party night. In the middle of consumerism and conversations around the short film about social injustice on the countryside that he wants to direct, he meets Leidy, a country girl that has been in a whorehouse for some days. Obsessed with that girl that comes from the world he wants to talk about, he invites her home.