Colombia – 2016 – 17’55’’ – Color – Español – Subtítulos en inglés

Dirección / Direction: Jesús Reyes, Andrés Porras
Producción / Production: Irina Henríquez, Andrés Porras
Guion / Screenplay: Jesús Reyes, Andrés Porras
Fotografía / Cinematography: Juana González
Dirección de Arte / Art Direction: Yasmín Gutiérrez
Montaje / Editing: Andrés Porras
Sonido / Sound: Camilo Martínez, Eduardo Serrano
Reparto / Cast: Álvaro Castellanos, Roamir Pinedo, Renoir Rubio, Benilda Llorente, Cruz Marina Muñoz


Jesús Reyes, Andrés Porras

Jesús Reyes was born in Cereté, Cordoba. Genaro is his second fiction short film. He studied Dramatic Arts in Bogota, and has worked in television as well as in student short films. He is the director of the short ‘Tierra Escarlata’ (2013). Andres has been editor in more than 15 feature films. He studied Social Communication in Univalle, and the short film Genaro is his debut in direction. He is the co-producer of the short ‘Tierra Escarlata’.


Genaro lives in the countryside at the north coast of Colombia, and he was instructed to deliver, to the mothers and wives of members of the paramilitary, their corpses in wooden boxes with an envelope filled with money. Genaro does not feel the pain of death, he just delivers the boxes and walks away; without sorrow for people. His routine assignment left him without a heart, and he only cares about one thing: to find among the corpses one in particular. He will only rest until he finds it.