Números redondos / Round Numbers

Números redondos / Round Numbers

Colombia – 2015 – 14’17’’ – Color – Español – Subtítulos en inglés

Dirección / Direction: Rafael Martínez Moreno
Producción / Production: Rafael Martínez Moreno, María Adelaida Giraldo, Alejandra Quintero, Etienne Boussac
Guion / Screenplay: Antonio García Ángel, Rafael Martínez Moreno
Fotografía / Cinematography: Luis Otero
Dirección de Arte / Art Direction: César Montoya
Montaje / Editing: Etienne Boussac
Sonido / Sound: Diego Bautista, AudioPost
Reparto / Cast: Rodrigo Vélez, Luna Baxter
Música / Music: Alberto Domínguez, Milton Leeds


Rafael Martínez

Cartagena, Colombia. 1980. Filmmaker with over 200 commercials, short films, documentaries, Web and TV content, and music videos featuring major bands. He has filmed in London, New York, Madrid and Colombia. He’s currently working with Direktor Films and preparing with his production company, Miramar Entertainment, two full- length films: ‘El Piedra” and ‘Temporada baja’.


Nadia and Raul are lovers. Raul’s attention is caught when he finds out that Nadia counts the times they’ve been together. When their dates become more frequent, they dare each other to celebrate if they can get to number fifty. However, as time goes by, their calculations fail; their roles and circumstances change, and their encounters end up being disencounters.