Paintings in the dark

Cuadros En La Oscuridad
Paintings In The Dark
México | 2017 | Color | DCP | 80min

Cuadros En La Oscuridad
Paintings In The Dark
México | 2017 | Color | DCP | 80min | Dir. Paula Markovitch
Director: Paula Markovitch
Script: Paula Markovitch
Producer: Salvador Corrales Ayala, Rodrigo Guerrero, Paula Markovitch, Izrael Moreno, Lorena Quevedo.
Editor: Karen Gómez, Paloma López Carrillo, Martín Sappia.
Cinematography: Bruno Santamaría
Sound: Daniel Ortiz
Cast: Alvin Astorga, Angeles Pradal, Brian Pradal, Maico Pradal, Lautaro Ruiz, Lide Uranga, Ezequiel Yupar.
Compañy Producer: Altamira Films, Niko Films, Romanos Films, Twins latin Films, Universidad de la Comlunicación.

Paula Markovitch
Paula Markovitch was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968. On 1976, the Markovitch family moves out to San Clemente of Tuyu, where she lived until she was twelve years old. After moving to the Cordoba City, she started writing poetry, tales and plays, and started studying cinematography and literatura. At 22’s, Markovitch emigrated to Mexico.
In the middle 90’s, Markovitch started to consolidate as a screenwriter on cinema and mexican television. She reap success with her first script for the director Carlos Carrera for the movie Sin Remitente (1995). Compited at the 1995’s Venice International Film Festival and in 1996, won four Ariel awards. In 1998, Markovitch was nominated to an important mexican movie award for her work in Elisa Antes del Fin del Mundo (1997).
After remain working on series and documentaries, on 2007 she made the script for Dos Abrazos of mexican director Enrique Begnes. Markovitch also worked successfully a couple of times with the director Fernando Eimbcke. One of these ocations was on Temporada de Patos (2004).
Besides her work as a screenwriter, Markovitch filmed in 1999 Periferico, her first short film in which Diego Luna appeared. This gave her an invitation to the competition of the Montreal World Film Festival. After her second short film (Música de Ambulancia, 2009), Markovitch films in 2011 El Premio, her opera prima, for which she wrote the script as well. The movie won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival on 2012.
Paula Markovitch lives in Mexico and works, among other things, as dramatist and a teacher on IMCINE.
Marcos is a 65 years old artista that never has been able to exhibit his paintings. He works on a gas station and has sour thoughts about destiny. One day Luis, a 13 year old thieve walks inside Marcos house believing it’s uninhabitated. Luis is the only witness of Marcos works.
Between them emerge and odd friendship that gives them new answers about art and life.
Morelia International Film Festival: Official Selection.