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Passerelles Du Terrorisme.

Nocturama, the delicate labyrinth of understanding how much of the enemy is in ourselves. “… it is necessary to know how much we have been instrumented, eventually, by the power of integration …” Pier Paolo Pasolini. Freedom is a conceptual utopia for young people of this generation, although it may have always been. The complicated…

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Spoor, 2017, by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik

Lighthouse Section Black Canvas 2017 What is an ecosystem? The concept that binds us as individuals to all the manifestations of nature is relatively recent in science, but has accompanied Homo sapiens since his body embraced the caverns like a shell. In fact, for the age of the earth, science is extremely recent, incipient. However…

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Cineteca Nacional Located in Coyoacán Avenue # 389 has been a meeting place for major national and international productions. Since 1974, it has promoted the film culture of our country, encouraging the development of the culture of cinema. Cinemex Reforma / Cinemex Insurgentes Casa de Arte is a project of one of the greatest film…

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